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About Us

We Specialize in Ear Disorders in Singapore

Adjunct Associate Professor Dr Dr Low Wong Kein Christopher is a Ministry of Health-accredited Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) Specialist and an Otology/Neuro-otology (ear disorders) Sub-specialist. He stands out in that besides the usual ENT training qualifications, he also has a PhD in ENT as well as a post-graduate diploma in Acupuncture. A highly experienced ENT specialist and an avid researcher in ENT conditions, he was a nominee for National Outstanding Clinician in the Singapore’s inaugural National Medical Excellence Award in 2008.

Besides offering nose/sinus/tonsil and other general ENT services to both adults and children, our Ear Health & Cochlear Implant Unit has under one roof a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment and a team of experienced supporting professionals to offer quality and comprehensive management for patients with ear disorders. This includes the Cochlear Implant service, our signature program.


Ear Services

Our clinic’s key expertise lies in diagnosing and treating conditions affecting the ears with the assistance of our in-house team
of hearing health specialists.

Hearing Loss

Holistically manage hearing loss in both adults and children. We offer a wide range of diagnostic services and treatment options including complex surgeries, sophisticated hearing aids and modern ear implants

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A hallucination of sounds, often perceived as ringing or hissing. There is a need to identify serious or treatable causes. Auditory pathways re-training techniques are available to treat patients with disturbing tinnitus.

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Giddiness & Vertigo

A sensation of spinning, unsteadiness or lightheadedness. Although often a result of treatable ear disorders, there is a need to exclude other more serious causes related to the nervous system.

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Ear Infections

Commonly occurs in the outer or middle ear and present with ear discharge, itch, blockage or pain. Can sometimes due to serious causes and require surgery. Most can be treated in the Clinic by microscopic ear cleaning and the use of medications.

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Nose / Sinus / Tonsil

& Other General ENT Services

Common ENT conditions that we see include blocked nose, sinus infections, snoring/sleep apnea, tonsil disorders and neck swellings.

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